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SAP Production Planning

SAP Production Planning (PP)

Production coming up with is that the method of orienting demand with producing capability to make production and procedural schedules for finished product and element materials. SAP PP is a crucial module of SAP. It tracks and makes a record of the producing method flows, as an example, the planned and actual prices. Also, product movements from the conversion of staple to semi-finished product.

It is totally integrated with the opposite SAP modules: Mount Rushmore State, MM, FICO. Organization Structure in SAP PP In any live Production coming up with module, locations of producing plants and storage among the plants, ought to be obtainable within the system.

Importance of Plant and storage locations in Production Planning

  • All Production master knowledge is formed at Plant level.
  • Planning activities are performed at Plant level.
  • Production Confirmation method and connected product movement occur at plant and storage location level.

With SAP PP (Production Planning and Control) you have a component at your hand which offers extensive functions for smooth and interlinking production processes. This includes the operative, temporal, quantity and spacial planning as well as the control, monitoring and management of your production supply chain. Our experts master the SAP Standard, tune the component and enhance SAP PP specifically to holistically implement your processes whenever required.

SAP PP interacting with SALT Add-Ons

Wherever the SAP PP Standard fails to meet your needs, our experts will bridge the gap by implementing our fully integrated SALT Add-Ons:

  • Produce in following the lean principle with our SALT Add-On Lean Production for a stock optimized Supply Chain and a leveled production.
  • The SALT Add-On Control Panel supplements the SAP PP standard in finite detailed plannings and ensures on-time processings.
  • In case of additionally required extensions such as optimized confirmation dialogues within the material flow systems of your production - our experts are always ready to provide customized developments.

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