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SAP PP (Production Planning)

What is SAP?

SAP stands for System Application Product in Data Processing ,SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organisations.

What is SAP PP?

The full form of SAP PP is SAP Production Planning. SAP PP (Production Planning) is a component of the SAP ERP system that helps companies plan and manage their production processes. It helps to track materials, plan production orders, and manage resources.

SAP PP provides features such as capacity planning, production orders, bills of materials (BOMs), material requirements planning (MRP), and master production scheduling (MPS). It also provides tools for detailed material requirements planning, such as net requirements calculation, availability checks, and reorder point planning.

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What is SAP PP Module?

SAP PP is one of the key modules in SAP ERP and is tightly integrated with other modules like Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM) and Plant Maintenance (PM). The PP module is used to plan and control the production of materials in an organization. It is especially useful for companies in the process and discrete industries

The main functions of the PP Module include:

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Process Order Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Production Reporting
  • Quality Management and Control
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Production Costing and Analysis
  • Material Master Data Management
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Process Order Administration and Monitoring
  • Production Order Execution and Control

SAP PP Tcodes for Planning

The most common SAP PP Transaction Codes (Tcodes) are:

  • MD01: Create Planned Order
  • MD02: Change Planned Order
  • MD03: Display Planned Order
  • MD04: Display Stock/Requirements Situation
  • MD05: Display MRP List
  • MD06: Display Stock/Requirements Situation
  • MD07: Display MRP List by Planning Plant
  • MD50: Create Production Order
  • MD51: Change Production Order
  • MD52: Display Production Order
  • MD61: Create Material Variant
  • MD62: Change Material Variant
  • MD81: MRP List Maintenance
  • MD82: MRP List Maintenance - Single-Item, Multi-Level
  • MD91: Stock/Requirements List for Planning
  • MD92: Stock/Requirements List for Planning - Single-Item, Multi-Level
  • MD93: Stock/Requirements List for Planning - Multi-Level
  • MD94: Stock/Requirements List for Planning - Single-Item, Single-Level

What is PP DS in SAP?

SAP PP-DS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling) is a planning and scheduling tool that helps manufacturers plan and schedule the production of their products. It uses advanced algorithms to generate production plans that maximize production efficiency while taking into consideration customer demand and material availability.

It supports a range of planning strategies, such as finite scheduling, mixed-mode production, and supply chain collaboration. The tool also provides analysis and reporting capabilities to help companies monitor and measure their production performance.

What is SAP PP QM Module?

SAP PP QM (Quality Management) is a component of the SAP ERP system that helps organizations manage and track the quality of their products and services.

SAP PP QM module is a software module within the SAP ERP system that enables organizations to monitor and control the quality of their products and services. It provides tools for quality assurance, quality control, product safety, and compliance with applicable regulations. The module can be used to track and document quality-related processes, such as incoming inspection, in-process inspection, and final inspection.

What is SAP PP Routing?

SAP PP (Production Planning) routing is a process that describes the production process of a product in the form of a sequence of operations. It is used to plan and control the production of a product by defining what operations need to be performed, in what order, and with what resources. The routing helps to identify the process time and cost associated with each operation in the sequence and helps in calculating the total production time of the product.

The routing also helps in controlling the quality of the product by defining the quality control points at each operation.

It also provides features for managing non-conforming materials, such as providing a workflow for non-conformance management and handling customer complaints. Additionally, the module can be used to store and analyse quality data, generate quality reports, and perform statistical process control (SPC) analysis.

SAP PP Interview Questions

We have prepared a list of good SAP PP Interview Questions that you should be ready for. These are some of the best interview questions which will make you think and prepare yourself for how to prepare for SAP PP interview. TOP SAP PP Interview Questions and Answers



Below are some SAP PP Job Profile

  1. SAP PP Consultant - A SAP PP Consultant is responsible for the implementation of SAP PP systems and the development of solutions that meet the needs of the organization. The consultant works with users to ensure that the system is configured to meet their needs and to ensure that the system delivers the desired results.
  2. SAP PP Analyst - A SAP PP Analyst is responsible for analysing, designing, and implementing SAP PP systems and solutions. The analyst works with users to ensure that the system is configured to meet their needs and to ensure that the system delivers the desired results.
  3. SAP PP Developer - A SAP PP Developer is responsible for developing custom solutions to meet the needs of the organization. The developer works with users to ensure that the system is configured to meet their needs and to ensure that the system delivers the desired results.
  4. SAP PP Architect - A SAP PP Architect is responsible for designing and developing the architecture of the SAP PP system. The architect works with users to ensure that the system is configured to meet their needs and to ensure that the system delivers the desired results. The best way to find a job in SAP PP is by using LinkedIn's new Jobs for SAP PP feature, which makes it easy for employers to post listings for open positions. SAP PP is the most in-demand job title in the world, according to LinkedIn.

What is SAP PP Course duration?

The duration of an SAP PP course can vary generally in between 3-4 months.

SAP PP course fees

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